Life on the most remote inhabited island in the world

RIP Steffie


Erik and I had to make a very difficult decision last week and put our beloved Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Steffie, to sleep.  She was very, very old and was battling with basic bodily functions, and was finding it hard to walk outside.  Erik, being on the island, had the terrible task of being the one to be there when  it was done, but he tells me she went peacefully and that it is important to remember she is no longer in pain.  I however, am finding it hard to get past the fact that I miss my friend.  Steffie has been with me for a long time – long before I met Erik – and was a great comfort through many, many difficult times.  Caitlin absolutely adored her and I know that one day, we will most likely get another dog, for Cailtin’s sake if not for ours – just not now…

This picture above is of Steffie, Erik and Caitlin (who was only 3 weeks old at the time)…


Comments on: "RIP Steffie" (2)

  1. I stumbled across your Blog while doing some general web browsing on Tristan de Cunha and other former British Colony islands of the S. Atlantic. What a fascinating place to live it must be and somewhat like jumping back 100 years I would suspect.

    Sorry I was not responding directly to this post but to your blog in general. Please keep posting and uploading as many images as you can. Give us some info on daily life, communication with the outside world, of course Internet access which has to be a challenge.

  2. amanda from DC said:

    Have you guys left the island? Just read your whole blog after watching the old spice advert on youtube that mentioned Tristan de Cunha.

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