Life on the most remote inhabited island in the world

Tomorrow is Caitlin’s 1st birthday and I have been reflecting on just how much my life has changed over the past year.  It’s incredible to think that last year this time, we were preparing for a dinner with Lars and Trina and taking a ride out to Pig Bite beach to go and see the waterfalls.

This year, I am also making preparations, but they are for fairy cakes, drinks, snacks and nibbles, and ensuring that our house is presentable enough to host an ‘open house’ tomorrow for Caitlin’s birthday.

On Tristan, first birthday’s are celebrated in a big way and we have tried hard to bear that in mind, while also taking into account that our South African traditions are a little different (we traditionally don’t make too much of a big deal of a first birthday).  The ‘open house’ idea is hopefully a perfect compromise.


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