Life on the most remote inhabited island in the world


The Gold Rover arrived on Sunday morning to calm seas and sunny skies. Arriving from Ascension, she arrived at about 11:30 and was on her way again by 11:55, her visit being, literally, a “stop and go” mission and at one stage, we were joking that perhaps the passengers would have to board with the Gold Rover still moving. 

In addition to dropping off the medical supplies for the island, she is taking two passengers with her to her next port of call, from where they will fly back to the UK.

 So far, no official word from the Admin, but will keep everyone updated.  However, we are all well, sniffles and sneezes are definitely becoming less and less and the annual sheep shearing was held on Saturday.  Things seem to be returning to normal, if you can use such a word, and we are looking forward to a restful and happy Christmas break.

Until later….

 rib-going-out-to-meet-rfa-gold-rover.jpg  The Atlantic Dawn going out to meet the Gold Rover

connie-jack-and-leon.jpg Connie, Jack and Leon unloading the Atlantic Dawn                                      

 complete-shipment-of-medicine-for-the-island.jpg  The full supply of medicine sent to the island


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