Life on the most remote inhabited island in the world

A question of sleep

We love Caitlin, of that, there can be no doubt, but I must admit to finding it a little challenging to feel full of that love when she is crying at 3pm in the morning – not because she’s sick, or has colic – no – she’s crying because she wants to come to bed with mom and dad.  We’ve been trying the ‘let her cry herself to sleep’ bit (which, by the way, breaks my heart) and the current status of that little campaign is:  Caitlin: 2, Mom and Dad: 0

This, of course, serves us right – we were so smug in the beginning when our wonderful child slept through from 8pm until 7am every morning – and while we pretended to be full of modesty and made little comments like ‘We’re just lucky’ in the back of our minds, we were thinking it was because we were doing something right, something brillaint and were super start parents.  Ha!!  Wonder who the superstar parents are now?


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