Life on the most remote inhabited island in the world

Tristan virus

This information comes from the Tristan DC website regarding the virus ‘problem’ on the island at the moment. 

Contingency planning to ensure adequate drugs following island ‘flu’ epidemic
Islanders have been suffering from a flu virus in late November / early December, with asthma sufferers particularly affected, and as a result there is a concern that stocks of drugs are low.
The situation is under control and there is no emergency.
Nevertheless the Tristan Administrator David Morley is exploring options for an extra supply of the appropriate drugs as a contingency before the arrival of the next scheduled ship due on 23rd January 2008.
We will publicise these arrangements here when they are known as the Tristan community look forward to a happy and healthy Christmas ‘far from the madding crowd’.

The Tristan da Cunha community is grateful to receive best wishes from friends across the world following widespread and sometimes alarmist media reports on 4th December.

Below is also an article by Sarah Glass, published on the Tristan Times website, which also provides a good “reality check” of the health situation on the island. 

This is just a brief note to all concerned. While there is concern about supplies, there is no killer bug affecting the population.

No Medical Emergency on Tristan

Yesterday’s story was updated to reflect the true situation on Tristan da Cunha.  It is not us who have cried “Wolf” over this.

Typically all it takes to get a media storm going is a good story.  True or not, it goes around the world and people believe it is true.  In this case, the BBC got it wrong but didn’t call us or try to contact the Island to find out if it was true.

Yes.  We are getting low on medicines but those in hospital are getting better.  There’s no killer virus, either.  We have three flu-like viruses going around the Island that affect more severely the portion of our community that suffers from Asthma.

Another attempt will be made to rectify the media problem if this doesn’t work


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