Life on the most remote inhabited island in the world

Sunny spells all around

We have been blessed with the most glorious weather this week and every day has been sunny and mild, with just enough wind to take the heat out of the air, but not so as to make it unpleasant to be outside. Of course, all this glorious weather means fishing – and Erik and the guys at the factory have been fishing since Monday.  It’s a bit crazy down there at the moment and Erik only gets home around 9pm every night and is back at it at about 5:30 every morning.  We have hardly seen each other recently and both walk around with slightly dazed looks on our faces from lack of sleep. 

Caitlin’s been a little under the weather the last two weeks and has decided that sleeping with mom and dad is a lot more fun than sleeping on her own.  Unfortunately, we don’t feel quite the same way for while we love her to bits she wriggles around a lot at night and the little sleep we are getting is even more disturbed than usual.



We had Caitlin’s christening on the 21st October and I’ve been wanting to write about it on the blog for the last month, but haven’t really been quite sure what to say.  How do you explain what it is like to have an extended ‘family’ of 270 odd people with whom to share your daughter’s christening?  The kindness and generosity of everyone here is unbelievable to anyone living outside of Tristan – where would you ever under-cater for a function, knowing that people will bring eats with them?  Where would you end a function with almost as much food as when you started? 



Erik and I with Caitlin on her christening


Our little angel

The weather played ball too and we had another wonderful, sunny day with the sun shining off the water and a warm breeze stirring through the flax. 

Things at work have been a little hectic for me recently, but I am getting to grips with everything and am also looking forward to a few days off over the Christmas holidays.  Here, we are all preparing for Christmas and breakup and looking forward to the arrival of the Kelso tomorrow with provisions and Christmas presents.  We have sheep shearing on the 8th December and I’ll hopefully be able to put something about that onto the blog.

 We are also all looking forward to the annual St Mary’s School Play, which was meant to take place on Monday, but was postponed due to the fishing.  The school concert is always a very special event and for the last two years we have been lucky enough to have someone in the audience who has video taped the play so we have been able to enjoy it again later.   I was watching the play from last year the other day and had a good giggle toward the end when all the nurses in the audience got up and left the room – they were all needed for the birth of little Shannon Swain (who is turning a year old on the 8th December).  The play last year definitely had an added element of excitement because the whole village knew Shannon was due – it was just a matter of when she chose to make her arrival.    Speaking of arrivals – a friend of mine, Roshenda, had a little girl called Isabella on 28th – congratulations!  I look forward to meeting your little one when I get home! 

It’s hard to believe that a year has passed by so quickly and I will be thinking about packing up and getting ready to go back to Cape Town in February.  A very good friend of mine, Liza, is getting married and I am hoping to be at her wedding.  I am sad to be leaving, especially as we are getting our house more and more sorted to suit our way of life – and it’s always hard saying cheers here – even if for just a short time.


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