Life on the most remote inhabited island in the world

MV Kelso arrives

The Kelso arrived this morning, but after off loading passengers, proceeded to Inaccessible island (I think….) to take advantage of the lee there, as the weather off Tristan is rather foul at the moment.

It’s been raining non stop since early this morning, and the grass outside our house is starting to resemble a swimming pool rather than a lawn.  Naturally, my washing was out, hanging on the line, so is now being rinsed for the umpteenth time while we wait for the rain to stop (which, if rumours are to be believed, may only be on Thursday).   Of course, I could solve this problem by simply bringing the washing in – but where’s the fun in that????

I’m very excited about the packages we are expecting with this Kelso, as my mom has sent a walker down for Caitlin.  Modelled on a zimmerframe, this one apparently has all sorts of entertaining buttons and bits and bobs, and will most likely keep Erik and I amused for hours.  Caitlin will, I’m sure, enjoy the box the walker came in the most.  While the walker was intended for her Christmas present, we’ve decided to give it to her now, as the way she is going at the moment, she’ll be walking by Christmas, which of course, negates the need for the walker…..

We went for a walk over the volcano, out toward Pig Bite beach yesterday and really enjoyed ourselves.  The weather was lovely – a bit overcast (which means I got a little sunburned) with a slight chill to the wind – not enough to make you cold, but enough to ensure you could take a brist walk without overheating.

The last few times we’ve been for a walk, we’ve passed a cow in the fields that has been in labour – and by the time we get home, there is a new calf, trying rather unsteadily to get to its feet.  We often cross the field at the American fence when we go for a walk, instead of going through the village, and it’s been wonderful seeing Caitlin’s reaction to the cows.  She stares at them in wide eyed wonder, and we would love to know what she is thinking when she sees them.  The calves are so cute that I just had to include this photo.


The sky around Tristan is always rather spectacular and on our way home last night from our walk, this was the view we had – incredible huh?






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  1. А вы слышали про дикие касса

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