Life on the most remote inhabited island in the world

Catamaran Cha-Lee stopped in at Tristan on 14th October to find a lee and anchorage during a storm which hit the area.  She was on her way from Brazil to Cape Town.

On Monday14th October, she lost her mast in a force 12 gale and was awaiting the arrival of the MV Edinburgh with jerry cans in order to stock up with fuel for the journey home.  Her all South African crew were in good spirits while at Tristan and managed to spend a day or two ashore, stocking up on essentials.  They even got to watch the South Africa/England Rugby World Cup final, with a makeshift aerial rigged up on the cat.

Cha-Lee departed from Tristan on Saturday morning, 27 October.  She is travelling at approximately 160 miles a day, which puts her estimated time of arrival in Cape Town at 4/5 November.

The MV Kelso departed for Tristan on Monday afternoon, 29 October from Cape Town.  She averages about 220 miles per day, and is expected to arrive at Tristan on 4/5 November.

HMS Southampton and Gold Rover departed Tristan Tuesday afternoon, 30 October, after a visit ashore and a reception at the Administrator’s residence.  She is expected in Cape Town on Monday 5 November.

The Cha-Lee is effectively covered by the MV Edinburgh at Tristan for first two days, then has the MV Kelso steaming toward her.   They are expected to cross Wed PM/Thur AM.  Cha-Lee will then have the two Naval vessels steaming in same direction, possibly passing her late Sat/early Sun and will hopefully tie up at V&A within 24 hours of British navel vessels

She is extremely lucky in these isolated shipping lanes to have close coverage all the way home. 

No danger to anybody on board and she has sufficient diesel and two motors and good weather predicted so far. 

Once her new mast has been put on, she should be ready to go again.  Let us know how you go guys!


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