Life on the most remote inhabited island in the world

Returning home….

We’ve been really quiet for some time now as we’ve been in South Africa visiting friends and family, and somehow, we dont seem to have had anything all the interesting to share… life in SA, while busy, isn’t unique.

We are however, preparing to return to Tristan next week and despite dreading the journey (I have a pathological fear of the boat trip), I am looking forward to returning ‘home’ and to seeing all our friends on the island.  We’ve been really lucky in that we’ve had a couple of visitors while we’ve been in Cape Town, and have kept up with the happenings on the island through phone calls and emails but it will be lovely to be there ourselves!  I’m very sad to be leaving SA, but really pleased to be going back to Tristan – isn’t life full of contradications???


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  1. For some time I have been studying the nature en structure of Tristan da Cunha. I have numerous questions which lack a proper answer.
    To mention a few questions.
    Why has there not been established a runway on the opposit side of Edinburg? Why can there not be established forest like we know from Scandinavia with furtrees, soil must be good, temperature is good, and
    it will contribute to the stabilization af the soil. I think that the island is
    very suitable for constructing a few big windmills, so that all the electricity
    you need can easily be produced in a clean way.
    I am very much interested in the habitat af the islands, I have some more
    ideas of commercial possibilities, that only can be realized due to the unique position of Tristan da Cunha. Kind regards, Leo.

  2. Bob Conrich said:

    Hi Leo,

    These are valid questions. Please join us on the Tristan da Cunha List, tell us what country you’re from and what you do there, and perhaps ask one question at a time, so as to encourage an orderly discussion.

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