Life on the most remote inhabited island in the world



We celebrated Valentine’s day on Tristan by going to the ‘restuarant’ at the Prince Philip Hall for a wonderful meal. 

The ladies from the treasury department, namely Dawn, Lorraine, Paula and Iris (also known as Atlantic Fresh) put together a wonderful menu and we decided that a night out was in order to celebrate this ‘romantic day’ (in as much as you can enjoy romance with 8 other people at your table, hee hee).

The hall had been transformed and soft candle light and music with a few decorations changed the venue into a cozy restaurant.  The food was absolutely marvellous, with generous portions and baskets of Paula and Lorraine’s amazing bread on each table (I’m still trying to get the secret of Paula’s garlic bread out of her).

It’s the first time I’ve ever been to a restaurant and known everyone there (there were about 50 people who decided to eat out on Valentine’s day) and I’m sure everyone enjoyed themselves as much as we did.  I noticed a number of people leaving with ‘take away’ boxes, which was a very clever idea.

The ladies from Atlantic Fresh have previously offered the occasional reprieve from cooking by arranging fish and chips or other take aways on a Sunday, although this practise has sadly fallen by the way side.  I’m hoping they’ll take it up again, as it’s a welcome change from my own cooking and with food as good as they produce, why would I want to cook myself?





Lobster Salad Hearts


Pea Soup



Sweet Beef and Peanut Curry


Moroccan Lamb


Sweet and Sour Fish



Iced Peach Terrine


Lemon Meringue Pie


Chocolate Hearts



Rice – White and Yellow


Roast Potatoes


Fresh Salad


Steamed Carrots * Steamed Peas



Beer * Wine Selection * Soft Drink Selection

Prices on

Coffee * Tea * Irish Coffee



Many thanks to Thierry for letting us use his photographs!


 Moroccan Lamb


Sweet beef and Peanut curry


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