Life on the most remote inhabited island in the world

view-from-soccer-pitch.JPG With a view like this, it’s hard to concentrate on the little things like a soccer ball…..

The crew of the Kelso and de Hong joined us on the island on Tuesday for a soccer game against the island team.  The de Hong is a tug from Singapore which is part of the salvage operation to remove the rig from Tripot Bay where is got ‘shipwrecked’ in May/June 2006.

The islanders played a great game and won the match convincingly with a score of 10:5.

We had great fun cheering our team on, and admiring the view from the soccer pitch – where else in the world can you play soccer on a pitch with a sea view?  Caitlin enjoyed her first ‘footie’ match too, although she did sleep through most of the proceedings!

And, as with some of the bigger clubs in the UK, the visitor’s team was made up of a truly international group of people with visitors from the UK, South Africa and United States to mention just a few!

Below is a picture of all the players:


Have a super weekend all!


Comments on: "Day off for Kelso/De Hong crews" (4)

  1. Thanks for your blog! I became aware of your beautiful island a few years ago while doing some personal research on volcanoes and became fascinated with the Tristan story. Your photos and narrative are terrific – Thanks from Charlotte, NC, USA

  2. Friends,

    Thank you very much by these beautiful photos.
    It wanted to know if they have some contact or email of the Soccer Team of Tristan da Cunha or of some of the players of the team, since it would interest much to me to make contact with them.

    From already, thank you very much.

    Gonzalo Parada

  3. Erin Simpson said:

    i am doing a creation story in social with my friends and have chosen tristan da cunha as our island.
    i hope to be able to go there when i graduate.
    ps sorry but i didnt give my real email or name 🙂 dotn feel like putting that on the internet!

  4. Danclads Lins de Andrade said:

    I would like to know the team roster of Tristan da Cunha.

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