Life on the most remote inhabited island in the world

About us

roses-and-waterfalls.JPG  This is a view of the waterfalls from the road leading to the volcano.

We live on Tristan da Cunha – the world’s most remote inhabited island according to the Guiness Book of Records!  The island is home to 270+ inhabitants, of which 7 are expatriates. 

The Administrator, Mike Hentley, is here with his wife Janice, and there is also Dr Carel van der Merwe, who has recently arrived with his wife Ingrid.  Thierry monitors the seismology stations on the island on behalf of the UN and Erik runs the crayfish factory.  I do some free lance work for a publication called ESI Africa which focuses on the African electricity industry and in between that, keep an eye on our little girl, Caitlin (born 10th January 2007).

Tristan is an amazing place to be living and we are very privelaged to have been allowed this opportunity to experience living in a community such as this.  In addition to the wonderful people who inhabit the island, there is a lot of natural beauty as well – volcanic bleakness and pounding surf.

Below are some pictures of the island to illustrate how lucky we are to be living in this wonderful environment!

waterfall-from-the-village.JPG  This is a view from just outside our house, looking up at the waterfalls which only occur when there has been very heavy rains.

longboats-at-sunset.JPG  A view out to sea with the longboats in sight.  We are hoping this year that they’ll take the longboats out to Nightingale island.

rockhopper-sans-tassles.JPG A rockhopper penguin in the early stages of moulting.


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  1. As you say Claire, it’s a real privilege to live here for few months.
    All my friends, back home, are jealous with me.. 🙂

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